First Captain's Company,
The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote


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Annapolis - Regimental Dinner Ren Military at Rileys Farm  1999 Fall Encampment Matchlock Construction  Livermore Rendezvous 2000 Calaveras Celtic Faire 2000 Spring Encampment at RR Flat Rendezvous 2000
RMS Shutzenfest 2000 Railroad Flat Rendezvous 2001 Camp at Dixon Scots Games 2001 Skirmish at Dixon Scots Games 2001 Regimental Portraits Fall 2001 St. Mary's City Grand Muster 2001 Firing ball and cannister at Chabot, May 2002
Dixon Scots Games, Sept. 2002 Chabot Turkey Shoot, Nov. 2002 Reyes Photos from Calaveras p1, Mar. 2003 Reyes Photos from Calaveras p2, Mar. 2003 Dixon Scots Games, Sept. 2003 North Fork Siege, Dec. 2003 (3.4Mb QuickTime movie) Calaveras Celtic Faire, Mar. 2004
Anderson Shasta Celtic Faire, May 2004 (3Mb QuickTime movie) Sonora Celtic Faire, Sept. 2004 Dixon Celtic Faire (Sat) + RMS Fall Encampment (Sun), Sept. 2004 Thorne and Patti's pics , Actions in the Low Countries, April. 2005 (8Mb QuickTime Movie) Thorne and RMS member pics , Actions in the Low Countries, April. 2006 Shasta Ren Faire, Oct. 2007


The First Captain of the Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote, Army of Parliament, invites all interested Soldiers and Women to join his Company. Subscribe to our mailing list for information about California English Civil War events.