First Captain's Company,
The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote

Pictures from the Fall Encampment,
October 15-19 1998

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Various shots of the brave few who came, camped, ate, shot and reveled.

We shot right across the stream, using crossbows, longbows, muskets and a wheelock pistol. Steve Moffat put up his metal shield as a target and it actually stopped a 57 cal. ball! I put up my second-best felt hat....which didn't do so well, but will be much cooler to wear. Everyone survived my cooking, which was largely chunks o'meat and bread. Hungry soldiers toasted gobbets of beef on broken epee blades while we waited for dinner to cook over the fire.

Period camp was right by the stream

Steve Arnold ready to shoot

Cindy says, "Out of my Kitchen, rouges!"

Campers looking tough

View from uphill

Crossbow works at pulling a stuck ball

{from left} Steve A., Kate, Tiller, Coronado, Steve M., Crossbow, Duncan (on leash) and Thorne.

Coronado and Tiller fencing

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