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Webrings and Resources


From the Period Firearms site by "Lord Alfonso del Corazon Negro".

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Stamford Member's websites/pages

Sgt. Carl Thelen's Slow Match Web Site -
all about match, including tests, recipies, etc.
Musketeer Patti Ballard's "Hobbies Gone Wild" site
Pikeman Barry Siler's online Drill Demonstration pages
Thorne's ECWSA-inspired Pike Drill pages
Thorne's Matchlock Advice -
So you've got a new Matchlock.pdf
Thorne's ECWSA-based Black Powder Safety Rules
Thorne's page on converting modern footware to period-look Latchet Shoes

US Organizations & Regiments

Free Artillery Co'y, Army of the Marquis of Montrose, ECWSA
English Renaissance Reenactment - St. Michael's Guild
Blackshire's Company of The Sword (So. Faire)
St. Maximilian Landsknechts (No. Cal)
English Company of Foote - SF Bay Area pike and sword group

UK Organizations & Regiments

Sealed Knot Official Site
Sealed Knot "Beer Tent" Public Message/Discussion website

The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote (SK)

Pennyman's Regiment - great costume, weapons and drill pages (ECWS)
ECWS Message/Discussion website
The Marquess of Winchesters Regiment -
check out 'Military Structures' and 'The Three Arms' (ECWS)
The Siege Group - 17th C Reenacting
Routiers Pike and Musket Socitey (Australia)

17th C Resources

British Civil Wars and Commonwealth site
Tattershall's Making a Matchlock instructions
Period Firearms descriptions with animated gif graphics
(see musketeer above).
Luke's 17th Century Reenacting and Living History Resources (Blackwells)
L'Age D'Or - Fantastic collection of 17th C paintings and artwork
Sealed Knot Rules for Musketeers and Black Powder handling
EuroWeb's FANTASTIC collection of 17th Century paintings
- check out the Dutch painters. 1600-1630 fashion plates and links (very cool!)
Fairfax Battalia's new combined site
check out The Snapsack section. (ECWS)'s Elizabethan Songs - great traditional drinking songs!

Bright's Regiment modernized Barriffe's 17th C Drill Manual

Hand Gonnes and Matchlocks - plus GREAT links
The Arquebus and Matchlock Musket Page
Monmouth Caps - history and photos from Morris Team site
The Civil War in Worcestershire - very cool site!

Robin's Matchlock Page - a collectors site with great pics of locks.

Cannon 101 - SCA & reenactor artillery drill and info

Gunner's Glass -
1646 English treatise on Artillery
Thorne's suspension plan for unlined helmets
- perfect for those eBay combed morions.


These suttlers know the ECWSA uniform and kit requirements,
and often offer substantial discounts for members.
Syke's Suttlery, good ECW uniform and Bandolier source
Tentsmiths - US makers of period tents
Panther Primitives - US makers of period tents
Jas. Townsend - US tents, barrels, tall stockings, spectacles & more!
Their "Convertable Wedge Tent" is the best suttler-style tent for the price.
Sarah Juniper in the UK makes extremely well-regarded period footware.
Tattershal Arms - US Custom Matchlocks & swords
Loyalist Arms - Canadian Dealer, Matchlock & Doglock muskets on p. 2
G. G. Godwin - some 17th C kit, plus period lanterns & cookware
Hatcrafters - an ASTOUNDING selection of hats -
the Charles, Salem, Puritan & Quaker models are recommended
MacKenzie-Smith - Rob makes functional pike & cavalry armor
Thunder Ridge Muzzleloading - best prices for high-quality tumbled ball - Hard-Side Black-Powder Gun Case for under $200 -
best protection for your matchlock, will hold musket-rest and swords also.
Dixie Gun Works - inexpensive ball with sprues at about $20/100,
tons of other gear, every shooter should have their catalog (limited website)
Great Northern Trade Co - hand-forged gun and cooking tools
Albion Small Arms - matchlocks, wheelocks, and doglocks from the UK
Age of Chivalry sells several helmets for pikemen,
the Cabasett ID# 14-232 for $150.00 being the best.
Derek Cole makes light but functional armour in the UK,
check out his Cabasett, Pikeman's Pot, and Back, Breast & Tassets.
Paul Meekins makes the best bandoliers in the UK,
be sure to get them sized properly & order early.
Swordsmiths (UK) carries Armour Class weapons,
both 17th C "Hangers" are PERFECT ECW soldier's swords.
Sally Green (UK) makes great Singlets (sleeveless doublets),
Casaques (coats) and breeches at nice prices.
Arrow Leather makes leather snapsacks (order the large size),
and also carries great flint & steel kits.
John Buck has a website showing the many guns he makes -
the largest US matchlock maker!

17th C Links and Reenactor sites

White Oak Fur Post - US Reenactment Links (mostly Buckskinner)

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