First Captain's Company,
The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote

 Spring Encampment -
Railroad Flat Rendezvous April 2000

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Captain Gray's Co'y had a great time at the Railroad Flat Rendezvous

We camped in the Primitive Camp and won first place, and our matchlock drill display at the costume competition also took a first. Redcoated Musketeers were Carl, Ron and Thorne. "The Marys" showed up Sunday just in time to hit Trader's Row and get some nice hand-made items.

Warming up for the drill presentation (snort, chuckle)

"Take your piece into your left hand."

"Prime your piece."

"Turn your piece about and shake off loose powder."

{When you're ready, MacKee} "Charge your piece."

"Reverse your scouring sticks and ram home your ball."

"Cock your match and blow well upon it."

"Preeee-sent......give FIRE!"

"Club Butts, Draw Swords, CHARGE!"

The Companie's camp with first place blue ribbons on the marquee.

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