First Captain's Company,
The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote

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Calaveras Celtic Fair, March 2004

Wendy looking senic

What's so funny, ladies?

Stamford's camp

Musket racks

Montrose Artillery

Barber Surgeon & friend

Royalists roistering

The Surgeon is...IN

Parliament Camp

Patrick showing matchlocks

Stamfords marches off to battle

Pikeman Ben holds the colours

Lt. Thorne rallys the troops...

...the troops discuss it.

Stamfords advancing

Musketeers ready to fight

final approach

The first volley!

Stand and fight

First fatalities

Montrose and their cannon

Firing back

The Scots charge!

Club butts, draw swords and Lay On!

They finish us off

Finding a dry spot to die wasn't easy

Lining up afterwards for the crowd


Charging the crowd

Back in camp.

The First Captain of the Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote, Army of Parliament, invites all interested Soldiers and Women to join his Company. Subscribe to our mailing list for information about California English Civil War events.