First Captain's Company,
The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote

Pictures from the Battle of the Severn and Lloyd's Regimental Dinner,
April 9-11, 1999

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Annapolis Photos - Regimental Dinner
Photos of the Military Camp at St. John's College, Annapolis.

Bill and Heidi Craig organized another wonderful event! Over 50 ECWS reeactors, mostly Farifax Brigade, came over from the UK to join the fun. Saturday night everyone in Lloyds went out for a fancy Regimental Dinner, and I wandered around taking shots of most of the tables (next photo page).

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Bill Craig, Master Organizer and a very nice guy!

Bill and Heidi Craig

Lloyds and some guests

Right! Where's the Beer Tent?

North camp by the Creek

Blacksmith demonstrating his skill

Living History in action

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