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Cap'n Greg

At the new Marin Ren Faire we run the Cardiff Rose Fencing Academy and portray the crew of the Elizabethan privateer the Cardiff Rose. Our pyratical characters teach fencing lessons to the locals at this Cotswalds harvest festival while our ship undergoes annual refitting in nearby Bristol or Cardiff, but we still keep on the lookout for any unsecured treasures. The Rose also owns several taverns, including The Lambsbottom Inn at Wareham, and has members that work in the kitchens, stables and bars.

At other Renaissance Faires we attend as the Cardiff Rose Swordsmen Guild, a Tudor Militia from the Welsh Borders. Information and membership forms are at the Guild Pages on the Official Cardiff Rose website.

Mary and I have been working at the Cardiff Rose Fencing Academy at Northern Renaisance Faire since the early 80's, and have had many wonderful times with the great people there. The Rose gets together at least once a month during the year for various parties, including metalworking and our own Dead Pyrates Literary Readings. The Dead Pyrates parties have produced a large collection of stories, many included in The Book of the Rose. We also have a mailing list and other websites, including Anthony's Cardiff Rose Page,and Simple Joesph's Unofficial Cardiff Rose Page (with lots of cool photos!).

Here are several pages of photographs of The Pyrates of the Cardiff Rose - some in costume, and some after hours or at various parties. Enjoy!

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